Dear Reader,

My name is Marc Lichtenfeld.

Today I’m going to show you a unique retirement strategy…

One that could generate up to 2,100% more income over time than the average retirement plan.

Using the compounding secret behind this strategy, you can turn a small stake, and as little as $2 each day, into $3.1 million or more…

And as a result, retire years and even decades sooner than your friends and colleagues.

I call it the “Section-703 Retirement Plan.”

And for a few clued-in investors, the strategy behind it is changing everything they thought they knew about saving for retirement.

Take blue-collar worker Matthew Donovan, for instance.

He was operating a forklift, making $24 an hour when he discovered he didn’t have to invest in his company’s 401(k) plan… Or a traditional IRA.

Instead, he began using the lesser-known approach of the “Section-703 Retirement Plan.” Little by little, he started putting in what he could. And pretty soon, he couldn’t believe the results.

Before he even retired, this former high-school dropout brought in so much money, he was actually giving it away.

He contributed thousands to his church. He gave over $200,000 to civil rights organizations. And he donated more than $1.3 million to Chicago-area colleges.

That’s the power of the “Section-703 Retirement Plan.”

It’s a way for people of even limited means to accumulate very large retirement nest eggs on small, regular contributions.

Other folks around the country are doing exactly what Matt Donovan did. For example…

  • Charles Simmons of Cincinnati, Ohio multiplied his retirement funds nearly two and a half times in just a few years following the “Section-703 Retirement Plan” strategy. That’s more than double the expected growth of traditional 401(k) or Roth IRA plans over the same period.
  • Chicago-based secretary Jill Greene safely ballooned her initial $180 stock investment into a $7 million portfolio, thanks to the same secret that’s behind the “Section-703 Retirement Plan.” Without it, she could have ended up with just $27,360.
  • And Anne Scott, an auditor from New York City, never earned more than $50,000 per year. Yet thanks to the techniques that power the “Section-703 Retirement Plan,” she steadily amassed a $22 million fortune and $750,000 in annual passive income – starting with a stake of just $5,000.

These are just a few examples of people who – in recent years – were able to grow their retirement nest eggs without any extra work, with virtually no additional risk and no matter the circumstances surrounding them.

And right now is the perfect time for you to get started with your own “Section-703 Retirement Plan.”

Because of the unique way these plans work, you don’t have to worry about coming in at a market top.

You needn’t fear getting caught in a bear run.

As I’ll show you in a moment, “Section-703 Retirement Plan” can outperform the markets during bull runs, but perform even better when markets drop.

And here’s a key point…

You don’t have to close your current IRA or 401(k), or even open a new brokerage account to use what I call a “Section-703 Retirement Plan.”

In fact, it’s as easy as buying common, big-name stocks… but can be from six to 21 times more lucrative.

I’m now starting to release the details of the simple yet little-discussed “Section-703 Retirement Plan” strategy.

So let me show how the secret behind this plan worked out for some ordinary folks from a tiny village in Florida…

The Curious Little Town That Mints Millionaires

If you listen to the mass media, you’d think all the big money in stocks gets made by hotshot traders on Wall Street or in the Hamptons and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Not so.

Located about 10 miles northwest of Tallahassee, most of the small-town locals in Quinton scrape by as farmers and assembly-line workers.

Yet some residents discovered a secret that’s quietly made the town of Quinton one of the wealthiest in America.

It started with just a few folks. Julia Wilson, Bud Bramhall and hardware store owner Mort Baker were some of the first to become millionaires and even multimillionaires.

But others started to join in as word quickly spread about their new approach to retirement…

The same approach I’ve now perfected with my “Section-703 Retirement Plan.”

People in Quinton were able to start with as little as $40 and over time build it into million-dollar accounts.

With their riches, these plain townsfolk have helped renovate the local Methodist church…

They enjoy plays in the restored Leaf Theater…

They’ve even set up special college scholarship programs for the local kids.

Most of these folks began with practically nothing in savings.

Yet thanks to the spreading popularity of this investment approach – one of the powerful core strategies that now makes up “Section-703 Retirement Plans” – at least 25 millionaires have sprung up from the sleepy little town of Quinton!

They didn’t uncover a rare natural resource or lost artworks. They didn’t hit the lottery.

And they didn’t play options or invest in Direct Purchase programs, munis or currencies.

“It’s paid off for me,” says millionaire Julia Wilson of this investing approach.

“Other towns kind of envy Quinton,” adds plain-talking millionaire Bud Bramhall.

Of course, you don’t have to live in Florida to benefit from this strategy…

Case in point: Some regular folks in Michigan we know used the techniques behind the “Section-703 Retirement Plan”…

And they turned a starting stake of $812 into $1,128,000!

This is the one way I’ve discovered that everyday people can rise above the chaos and complications of today’s markets…

And grow rich simply, quickly and with far less risk than you’d ever believe possible.

So how do I know so much about this approach, and what is the “Section-703 Retirement Plan” plan?

The Million-Dollar “Eureka Moment”

You could say investing is in my blood.

My grandfather was a partner in a family-run brokerage named McMahon, Lichtenfeld & Co., which owned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.

Grandpa taught me that all investors are inherently looking for the same thing: A simple system for making their money work as hard as they have.

So when I started my own career in finance, I set out to create a straightforward plan… One that would allow any participant to never have to worry about money in retirement.

Easier said than done!

Over my early years, I dove into value investing… dabbled with growth strategies… looked into momentum timing… even tried technicals and charting.

Each had merits. None worked consistently.

The eureka moment finally came as I was staring at my computer spreadsheet, adjusting the variables for the 1,000th time.

I made a discovery… One that allows you to invest a surprisingly small amount of money…

And before long, it works to ensure you will never have financial problems regardless of job, career or any other circumstance.

I knew at that moment of discovery I’d finally zeroed in on the ultimate retirement plan I’d been working toward for years.

And I was practically shaking with excitement, because I realized it could not only secure my own financial future… But also the future of millions of people who are worried about retirement.

So… What specifically was it I discovered that day?

The Retirement Secret Revealed

(Not One Investor in a Million Knows This)

The plan I’ve developed involves a special way to get a cut of certain businesses’ bottom-line profits.

But not just any companies.

First of all, they have to follow critical guidelines laid out in a stock exchange bylaw called Section 703, which is why I call this approach a “Section-703 Retirement Plan.”

Hardly anyone – stockbrokers included – has ever heard of this bylaw.

And no one has used it to build a powerful “compounding payout” strategy for creating generational wealth like mine.

You see, the companies I consider eligible for this plan have to pay out a very specific percentage of their profits to people who participate…

They have to maintain a track record of increasing those payments significantly, and do so every year for as many as 10 years or more in a row…

And, they have to maintain a healthy cash flow in order to ensure they can continue raising those payments year after year.

In short, they have to prove that they are extremely strong financially…

Enough that they can continue increasing payments year after year.

Over time, I honed these requirements into my own strict system for uncovering the best moneymaking opportunities that could be included in what I call a “Section-703 Retirement Plan” (or just a “Section-703″ for short).

And I’m proud to say this plan can now help you build a comfortable retirement on as little as $2 each day… With returns as much as 600% to 2,100% higher than traditional 401(k)s or regular IRAs.

But what if you’re already retired and need income right away? This plan can help you with that too.

And regardless of your situation, here’s the key point I should emphasize: It’s very easy to start a Section-703 Retirement Plan.

But the secret to success is knowing which handful of the more than 63,000 publicly traded companies meets the requirements I’ve set forth.

I’ll give you full details on how to find them in just a moment. I’ll also tell you about the three companies that should be the first components of any Section-703.

But first, let me show how you could retire far wealthier and years sooner than 99% of other investors when you use this strategy.

Bank $1.7 Million With Just $2 a Day

Colgate-Palmolive, now 100 years old, owns brands as diverse as Irish Spring, Murphy’s wood treatments and Hill’s pet foods.

And it certainly meets my requirements for use in a Section-703 Retirement Plan.

It’s been making uninterrupted payouts since 1895… and the payments have increased every year for the past 48 years.

Ok, so obviously it’s a great company with a history of increasing earnings.

So let’s take a look at how a Section-703 could have helped you become a millionaire in Colgate-Palmolive.

Imagine in 1983, you had $10,000 to put anywhere you wanted.

If you had put that $10,000 stake in the S&P 500, you’d have around $150,000 in your pocket today.

Not bad, I suppose.

Now let’s say you had a 401(k) that did twice as well as the S&P… (and I think we can agree that’s a rather generous assumption).

$10,000 would have turned into around $300,000.

Obviously, neither one led to millionaire riches.

But what if you had simply put that $10,000 into individual Colgate stock?

Right now, you would now be sitting on roughly $565,270.

That’s starting to get pretty good.

It shows the power of taking positions in carefully chosen individual stocks, instead of simply following the masses in the broader markets.

$10,000 Invested in Aflac (AFL)
But here’s where a Section-703 can really supercharge your retirement…

Because this company meets my screening requirements, you can compound your returns at a very fast rate.

Suppose from the start you put that $10,000 into Colgate using a Section-703 plan.

Over the years, Colgate’s profit distributions increased like clockwork every year, and it complied with the Section-703 criteria as well.

Now imagine you also tossed in some spare change every day…

Let’s say $2, just for the sake of argument…

With your own Section-703, today you would be sitting on a whopping $1,710,635.

That’s over 200% better than buying the normal shares…

And more than 1,100% higher returns than people who invested in the broad markets.

$10,000 Invested in Colgate-Palmolive (CL)
Yet remember…

What I just showed you is merely one boring household stock. With your own Section-703, you can use this technique to supercharge your results in dozens of stocks.

And what if you don’t want to retire on “just” $1.7 million?

That’s fine. With these retirement plans, you can continue building your wealth as quickly as you like, whether you want to put in $1.89 per day… $3.62… Or as much as $8.59.

The point is… I’ve never seen a quicker way to take small sums of money and turn them into large retirement accounts than by using a Section-703 plan.

And the best part is, they work well in virtually every type of market.

Let me give you another example…

An “Extra” $1.5 Million Thanks to

This Boring Insurance Provider

Based in Columbus, Ga., Aflac (NYSE: AFL) has been providing health and life insurance since 1955.

Founded by the three Amos brothers, John, Paul and Bill, Aflac was one of the first firms to sell insurance using presentations to groups of other companies’ employees.

That turned out to be a pretty good idea…

Today it has over 450,000 corporate accounts in the USA alone and its policies cover more than 50 million people worldwide.

I should also mention Aflac is one of the few companies that meet the requirements necessary to be included in a Section-703 Retirement Plan.

That means it regularly raises its profit distributions, while still maintaining high enough cash flow to continue doing so.

Let’s suppose back in 1983 you were so impressed with this company, you decided to take a $10,000 stake in AFL with a Section-703.

An investment in the broad markets at that time would now be worth about $150,000.

And a $10,000 investment in Aflac’s regular stock would today be worth $1.7 million.

That’s pretty good…

$10,000 Invested in Aflac (AFL)
But if instead you had compounded your returns with a Section-703, today you would be sitting on over $2,460,000.

That works out to a return of $82,000 per year, on just one $10,000 investment.

And get this…

If you’d kicked in just two bucks a day on top of that?

You’d now have a position worth almost $3.2 million.

$10,000 Invested in Aflac (AFL)
You can see why we’re so big on these Section-703 Retirement Plan.

And here’s the thing: Anybody can use this type of retirement plan to live VERY comfortably far sooner than you might think, as I’ll show in a moment.

Best of all, the perfect opportunity to start capturing these kinds of unbelievable returns is here, right now.

At the very least, you could become a millionaire with nothing more than one ultra-safe transaction every few months as part of a Section-703…

And it only takes five minutes.

Let me show you…

Take This Express Lane to Millionaire Status

A great example of a company that would fit into a Section-703 Retirement Plan is Eaton Vance.

This $5 billion financial services provider created the first mutual fund back in 1924.

And while I’m not advocating you invest in mutual funds, there’s no doubt they can be extremely profitable for the managing company… and its shareholders.

Eaton Vance went public in 1959. It’s since launched dozens of widely held funds, including Diversification, Vance-Sanders and, in 1978, Nautilus. (You may recognize Nautilus as the fund that invested in a couple of young companies named Compaq and Apple.)

Now, let’s say you liked what you saw in Eaton Vance and in 1993 took a $10,000 stake right after New Year’s Day.

And suppose you added just $2 a day to the plan.

Just 20 years later, with a Section-703, that $10,000 would have rocketed to over $463,000.

If you’d started with $20,000 instead, you would now be worth over $815,000.

And if you had a bit heftier $40,000 to put down, today you would be sitting on over $1.5 million.

Thanks to a Section-703, a plain 70-year-old financial services company could have turned you into a millionaire.

So out of the 60,000 or so listed companies out there, which ones are approved to be part of a Section-703 Retirement Plan?

Let me show you exactly how to find them…

The Handful of Soaring Superstars

In order to be included in a Section-703 Retirement Plan, a company has to pass the strict screening I’ve spent most of my career refining.

Just a few of the “macro” filters include…

  • Based on my calculations and estimates, the company should have an expected 12% average annual return…
  • The company should have a history of raising its payouts 10% a year, every year, for up to 10 years or more…
  • Plus, I look for companies paying out no more than approximately 75% of net income to ensure they can continue raising those payments year after year.

Of course, I fine-tune these criteria case-by-case, based on dozens of other factors.

But here’s the bottom line: In order to be included in the Section-703, the few companies that meet my criteria have to show that they are financially capable of paying profit distributions every quarter…

And increasing those distributions every single year.

Now if you simply used my fundamental filters, you might make out pretty good.

But what I’m after is showing you how to maximize your portfolio to the highest amount possible, in the shortest time imaginable.

So I’m not looking for “pretty good.”

That’s why my full screening system is actually quite a bit more complicated…

In Business, Cash Is Still King

I use computer-based analysis and statistical modeling. I drill down into fundamentals.

And I rank companies with my special Cash Flow Indicator, or CFI.

The CFI tells me everything I need to know about a company’s cash position.

Does this company produce mountains of pure cash? And is its ability to produce that cash (and more) likely to continue into the future?

Because here’s the truth: You can talk all you want about earnings, stock stories and “potential breakthroughs.” But in business, cash is still king.

I examined more than 10 years of back-tested simulation data during my refinement process, and the results were clear…

Thanks to rigorous testing and real-world trials with my special screening, I’ve been able to show my followers annual 11% yields… plus at least 12% annual total returns… like clockwork.

And only when one of over 60,000 public companies passes every one of my tests, only then do I recommend it for a Section-703.

What this does for people following the Section-703 approach is create a situation where their retirement accounts can grow MUCH faster than the traditional accounts most other Americans use…

Especially when you roll over the profit distributions every quarter.

And remember, you don’t have to close your current IRA or 401(k), or open a new account to use a Section-703 Retirement Plan.

So how do you get started?

Collect Cash That’s Practically “Laying Around”

You’ve seen how you could have turned a starting stake of $10,000 into nearly $500,000 with Eaton Vance… or $1,710,635 with Colgate… or even $3.1 million with Aflac.

Of course, I would never suggest putting an outsized share of your portfolio into any one company, no matter how I expect it to perform.

So the ideal way to set up a Section-703 is to locate a solid 15 to 20 of these kinds of companies and then fill your portfolio with them, all while following a very specific approach.

My own recommended Section-703 Retirement Plan gives you the chance to supercharge your gains in a diverse cluster of companies that have passed my strict screening filters.

As you roll that money over, putting your profit distributions back in, it can very quickly snowball into a huge portfolio.

And it can hand you gains 600% higher (and often much more) than the average investor’s IRA or 401(k) plan.

This plan is, bar none, the quickest way I know of to create a million-dollar portfolio.

And I can show you how to set that up right now. It can take as little as 15 minutes.

The first step is receiving my brand-new free report, Retire 600% Richer With a Section-703 Plan.

In it, I’ll explain exactly how to set up a Section-703 portfolio.

I’ll explain how to get the biggest distributions possible.

And I’ll show you how to roll those profit distributions over so you can quickly multiply your funds.

Likewise, I’ll show you how to establish a plan for how much you want to start with, and how much you’d like to put in each day, week, month or quarter.

Of course, that’s just the first way I’m going to help you supercharge your retirement…

Get My First Three Recommendations Now

As part of my special report, I’ll also reveal the companies that give you the best chance to make a lot of money in a Section-703 Retirement Plan right away.

These should be your initial holdings. Here’s a quick synopsis of the first three…

  • Section-703 Pillar #1: Put the D.O.D. to Work for You: One well-established defense contractor is perfect for a Section-703. First of all, it paid out $646 million last year on free cash flow of $1.6 billion. That puts it in the “sweet spot” payout ratio of right around 30%. In other words, this company has plenty of cash for both your profit distribution and operations. And the future looks bright: It just inked a big-money contract to upgrade over 100 F-16 fighter jets.It’s raised payouts at an average rate of 13.9% over the past five years. That’s enough to quadruple your cash intake every 10 years. This is exactly the kind of payout pattern we look for to prime your Section-703 for massive growth and income.
  • Section-703 Pillar #2: A Smoking Hot Recommendation: Whether they smoke cigarettes or are trying to quit, one company has its billions of potential customers covered. While competitors have struggled, this firm increased its market share by 11%. Now a new product is set to add millions of dollars to the company’s bottom line each year.For investors, it’s increased its already healthy payout an average of 12% per year since it went public five years ago. These double-digit payout raises can mean the difference between retiring in the same boat as most investors, or crushing the markets and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even millions) extra.
  • Section-703 Pillar #3: Double-Digit Yields Thanks to This “Inside Deal”: I’ve found a stock that’s hard to beat for large payouts. It’s from a company that’s helping America’s economy get back on track. This firm pays out 90% of its profits to shareholders – yet it’s not a REIT. It sports a double-digit yield and has never cut its dividend since going public six years ago. But that’s not all.It’s clear insiders see share prices heading higher soon. One director even bought nearly $1 million worth of the stock recently. It’s a crystal clear signal that this play should continue to generate gobs of cash for its shareholders now and far into the future.

These should be the first three plays you make as part of a Section-703.

After all, folks who have followed my recommendations in the past have been very glad they did…

Like Tom Shea, who wrote in to say, “My total return is currently 132%, and right now I’m getting over a 20% yield on my original investment.”

Or Susan Sisti, who told me, “Your recommended stock is up 76% since I bought it – thanks!”

Then there’s James McRay, DDS, who wrote in to say, “I’m retired and don’t have years to see my investments grow. But I’ve made $1,500 already in just a few months. Wish I had found you years ago.”

I’ll show you all my current Section-703 recommendations in a moment.

Then, once you’ve gotten familiar with the approach, I will keep you on track every month, recommending the specific companies you should add to your retirement fund.

The sooner you get going, the sooner your wealth can take off. The more you wait, the less you make.

So there’s only one question left…

How Much Do You Want for Retirement?

Whether your retirement goal is $540,000… $1.1 million… $3.1 million or more, there’s one thing I can say with certainty…

The quickest way I’ve seen to achieve those goals is with a Section-703 IRA.

Starting with $10,000 and putting away an extra $2 per day can add up very fast because of the high profit distributions these approved companies offer.

Which is precisely why I’d like to send you my new research report Retire 600% Richer With a Section-703 Plan.

It reveals everything you need to know about this life-changing strategy.

All I ask in return is that you take my research for a test drive.

Here’s what I mean…

My Work Has Helped Readers Make Good Money

for Years. . . Without the Insane Risks

All my adult life, I have fostered a passion for making money in the markets.

Over a 20-year career, I have learned countless (often painful) lessons.

I’ve worked as a sell-side analyst inside one of Wall Street’s most successful firms.

I’ve executed multimillion-dollar trades on frenzied trading desks.

I’ve headed research departments. My work has appeared in Forbes, Bloomberg and even The Wall Street Journal. I’m a regular on CNBC.

As the Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club, I’ve helped readers make good money – for years – without the insane risks.

Of my past income recommendations to Oxford Club Members, 20 out of 21 open positions are currently winners.

That includes open gains of 67%, 71%, 83%, 92%… even 107% and 144%.

And keep in mind, I selected these positions in large part for their high safety!

That may strike you as remarkable…

But once you know the secret to my system, it all makes sense.

And today I’d like to explain it to you personally, by sending you my new report, Retire 600% Richer With a Section-703 Plan.

In it, you’ll get all the information on the three companies I mentioned above.

And that’s just the start.

You’ll discover the one awful mistake most retirement investors are making right now – likely costing them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And I’ll show how to avoid it with a simple two-minute “bypass” strategy.

I’ll take you behind the curtain and explain exactly how and why my strategy far outpaces every retirement program I know of.

To get going right now, simply take a risk-free trial to my new publication, The Oxford Income Letter.

Here’s what it’s all about…

Something Brand New For You

Everyone’s looking for income these days.

Banks pay under 1% – and that’s on $100,000…

Five-year CDs return 1.5% at best…

And 10-year Treasurys yield around 2.6% – before taxes.

With inflation at 1.6%, you’re barely breaking even, if not actually losing money.

In The Oxford Income Letter, I’m looking to give pre-retirees and retirees the opportunity to build oversized portfolios, and collect safe and ever-increasing income year after year.

You don’t need any special investing skills like technical analysis or market timing to get started with the monthly Section-703 recommendations you’ll receive in The Oxford Income Letter.

You don’t need to tie up your savings in any unusual or risky instruments. Forget high-yield bonds, complicated options strategies or anything of the like.

Beat the Pants Off All the “Experts”

Essentially a Section-703 Retirement Plan is a way to take my specially selected dividend-paying stocks and supercharge the amount you receive with them.

A Section-703 usually rises at about the same rate as a regular IRA at first, but as you move along the payouts start compounding at an ever-increasing rate.

By the end of year five you might be getting a 16% return on your original investment…

But by year 10, that balloons to 55%… By year 15, 311%…

And get this: By year 20, a 4,099% return on your original investment.

By following this plan instead of traditional IRA or 401(k) accounts, you have the opportunity to grow your retirement funds much faster.

And it’s a snap to get started…

No New Account or Paperwork Needed!

I’ll tell you what specific investments to put inside your Section-703 IRA.

You don’t have to open up a new brokerage account…

These recommendations don’t even need to be kept separate from your existing retirement account!

In other words, the Section-703 is my proprietary strategy for transforming your portfolio into an income-generating powerhouse… Using my proven strategy for choosing the best companies.

And as long as you follow all the instructions I’ll give you, getting started is just as easy as making any regular trade on the market…

But this one promises to hand you dramatically better returns.

And I’ll do all the grunt work for you…

Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now

Every four weeks, I’ll detail the best new income play I’ve uncovered. Plus, I’ll give you precise buy and sell instructions so you know exactly how to pocket maximum gains.

Each recommendation will fall into one of three custom portfolios:

The Instant Income Portfolio: Here, you’ll discover companies poised to pay you huge, growing dividends every month. These are funds you can spend now, on anything you like. And they can be enormous. As of this writing, the portfolio has a projected dividend growth rate of 11.5%, and the stocks have raised their dividends every year for an average of 14 years.

The Compound Income Portfolio: The idea of this portfolio is to stay in great stocks regardless of changing market conditions. Because here’s the thing: Even during a bear market, you’re buying more shares with your payouts. And over time, that lets you harness the awesome power of compounding – automatically! Did you know that a penny doubled every day for 30 days becomes $5.3 million? That’s the exciting power behind this unique income portfolio.

The Retirement Catch-Up/High Yield Portfolio: Every once in a while, I come across an amazing opportunity that breaks all the normal rules of income investing. These are swing-for-the-fences income generators with regular dividend payouts running as high as 15.5%. They still adhere to my safety standards. And if you need a way to supercharge your income, these are designed to get you there faster than anything else.

I understand it’s scary out there right now, even amidst a historic bull run.

Consider: According to the 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey, 40% of all U.S. workers think they need to accumulate at least $500,000 by the time they retire to live comfortably in their golden years.

Yet a stunning 76% of Americans have saved less than $100,000 for retirement. And more than half have saved less than $25,000.

No matter where you stand today, I invite you to take a trial subscription to The Oxford Income Letter right now.

When you do, I’ll send you Retire 600% Richer With a Section-703 Plan – for free.

But there’s something else you’ll receive the moment you join me.

Take a look…

“Looking for Better Returns and a Little Safety”

It’s not just another stock or government bond.

Instead, what we call “Advanced Income Certificates” are perfect for investors “looking for better returns and a little safety,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

They provide the high yields and security of blue-chip dividend stocks. But also give you the potential for huge, triple-digit gains.

It’s no wonder these “Advanced Income Certificates” (AICs) are favored by the likes of Marketwatch, which reports they are “a better investment than the U.S. equity indexes”…

Or why regular Americans like Ellen Garner say they have “given me a way to diversify my IRA account, and I am very, very happy with the results.”

So, how high can these yields go?

Well, we’ve identified a certain AIC paying out at a stunning 11.25% clip. And according to our calculations, that number could easily jump to 13.46% very soon.

And here’s the thing…

The government actually requires that this company continues paying you fat checks every quarter as long as it is in business.

Is this situation right for you, in today’s markets?

You can decide.

If you take a trial subscription to The Oxford Income Letter, I’ll send you all the details you need to get started right away – FREE of charge – in my new report called, How Advanced Income Certificates (AICs) Can Save Your Retirement.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this opportunity – including how this forgotten cash-generating investment works, the “secret code” you need to add this play to your portfolio and how to collect your first payout in the next few weeks.

You’ll get all of this for free, simply for trying The Oxford Income Letter.

Of course, you’ll also get immediate access to my report, Retire 600% Richer With a Section-703 Plan.

And better yet, that’s not even everything you’re about to receive.

Agree to try out my work and I’ll also send you breaking intelligence on an extraordinary opportunity…

Line Your Pockets With “Private Stock Payments”

America’s richest have used it to build their fortunes for generations…

It allowed Peter Thiel to grow a $500,000 grubstake in 2004 into $1.7 billion just six years later…

Entrepreneur Ram Shriram saw a $200,000 investment balloon into over $1 billion.

That’s a 500,000% return in just a few short years. The list goes on.

The problem is: These stocks don’t list on any public exchange.

Yet my research shows there’s a backdoor way to invest in them that can be much safer – and more profitable – than investing in a private enterprise.

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