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What Our Readers Have to Say

“Marc has opened my eyes to the power of compounding dividend growing stocks! It has allowed me to create a retirement portfolio that gives me peace of mind even when the market gets a little crazy. And my kids and grand kids are now set up with his portfolio as well. Thank you Marc, for sharing your ideas and wisdom.”

“I sleep much better at nights knowing that my portfolio is less volatile and that the dividends are compounding returns. My portfolio is up 19.49% over the last year… I am reinvesting the dividends and gains on his picks for compounding, reinvestment and future use. Now I am traveling nonstop and managing my investments with my laptop and The Oxford Club.”

“Marc’s information has allowed me the opportunity to keep my portfolio, not only in positive territory, but above the average investors’ returns. I am a lifetime member and glad I am.”

“Marc… I so appreciate how you are ‘on our side’ fighting to find solid dividend picks at a good value. I have to say that I have become a ‘disciple’ of yours in an investing world that is full of distractions and pitfalls. I can’t thank you enough for your level head when it comes to investing long term.”

​“I feel very good when I know that Marc is around. It gives me that extra sense of security. He calls a spade a spade when it is necessary.”

“I think his suggestions have been right on the “Marc” with the income they provide and the increase in value. My wife and I have been able to continue to live in retirement worry-free.”

“Not just enjoying Marc’s wise and profitable newsletters but I bought 20 copies of his book [Get Rich With Dividends] and sent them to all the members of our vast family so they can profit from the 10-11-12 System, too.”

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